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Step for the dentist


Send the patient’s impressions to AirNivol with all the documentation, via the App or through our e-commerce page.

If you are already an AirNivol certified dentist, you won’t even need to send your impressions, as we keep your patients’ clinical cases.


All you have to do is deliver the treatment to the patient; otherwise, in agreement with the user, you can have it received directly at home


All you have to do is deliver the treatment to the patient; otherwise, in agreement with the user, you can have it received directly at home

Clinical protocol

AirNivol recommends following the protocol below for home dental whitening treatment management using Chiara. by AirNivol systematics:

Before the order

1 Patient history

It is advisable to carefully evaluate the color of the patient’s teeth at the beginning of the treatment, in particular, if there are discolouration changes, it is advisable for the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis to understand the reason that caused the color change. Furthermore, it is good to evaluate the presence of conservative or prosthetic restorations, on which the whitening gel would have no effect.

It is also necessary to evaluate the gums and soft tissues, so that there are no situations of irritation, gingival recessions, bleeding or periodontal disease. In fact, gel-based whitening treatments can – in some people – cause irritation to the gums and sensitivity to the teeth.

For a good evaluation of the success of the whitening treatment and maximum patient satisfaction, it is recommended to evaluate the pre-treatment tooth color, for example using the comparison method with the Vita Classical A1-D4 shade guide. It is good practice to take a picture of the patient’s teeth flanked by the closest tooth model from the Vita shade guide.

2 Acquisition of the patient’s mouth

For the realization of the customized tray, it is necessary to acquire the patient’s mouth. It is possible to use an intra-oral scanner to detect a digital scan or take precision physical impressions (in silicone or polyether) and send everything to AirNivol.

After the order

3 Instruct the patient on how to use the whitening system

The Chiara. by AirNivol whitening system contains a patient information leaflet, together with a link to a video, which explains in detail how to place the gel in the tray, how to put it on and take it off, and when and for how long to wear it. The patient should be advised not to consume food and drinks that could stain the teeth during treatment, such as coffee, tea, cola, red wines, fruit juices. In addition, he should be informed about possible – albeit rare – episodes of tooth sensitivity, which may require a temporary interruption of treatment for one or two days.

4 Give the patient the Chiara teeth whitening kit. by AirNivol

The Chiara. by AirNivol dental whitening system is supplied to the doctor in an elegant box that contains the trays and the bite case, the syringes of whitening gel necessary for the complete two-week treatment, and a patient information leaflet. The doctor can deliver the box directly to the patient, who will continue the treatment independently; he/she can then make an appointment at the end of the treatment to check the result obtained and repeat the intra oral photos with the reference to the VITA Classical A1-D4 scale.

5 The post-treatment verification

At the end of the treatment, after two weeks, it is advisable to evaluate the color of the teeth using the same method used previously and to compare the result obtained with the pre-treatment situation. If the patient has diligently followed the instructions for use, the result will certainly be visible and satisfactory.