Fast and safe

For home use.



Brush your teeth before putting on the trays in which the gel was placed.


Deposit a drop of whitening gel in the front cavities of the tray, corresponding to the ten front teeth, as shown in the figure (the photo highlights the areas where the gel is to be deposited in blue).


Put on the tray.


Remove any residual gel from the gum with clean fingers, cotton swabs or a soft toothbrush.


Repeat the operation for each tray.


After 8-9 hours, remove the aligners, clean them with a soft toothbrush and place them in the supplied case. So brush your teeth.


Phenomena of gum irritation are quite common, but transient. If you notice too high a tooth sensitivity, it is recommended to skip the whitening gel treatment for one day, and resume it the next day.

Do not eat, drink or smoke while wearing the tray.

During the two weeks of whitening treatment, avoid the consumption of acidic foods such as citrus fruits or fruit juices and try to reduce the use of coffee, red wine, tea, pigmented drinks and smoking as much as possible.