In the design of invisible
orthodontic alignment systems.

What AirNivol does

Was build in Pisa in 2004, present today in over 25 countries, AirNivol has been collaborating with thousands of dentists since 2010, distinguishing itself for the production of a product of Italian excellence.

The company collaborates with a team of university researchers and specializes in the use of artificial intelligence techniques, in production through innovative 3D printing technologies and in research on intelligent materials.

The design of the treatment plan with aligners is carried out by specialized technicians, based on a clinical protocol tested over years of studies: a proprietary digital design system allows you to simulate the movement of the teeth, taking them from the initial to the final position, guaranteeing a result equal to that of the forecast.

A team of orthodontist specialists monitor and verify each clinical case, from the most common to the most complex, making AirNivol a leader in the orthodontic sector.