Choose Chiara.

For a whiter smile.

The treatment

100% Complete

The kit contains all the tools necessary for home whitening carried out in complete autonomy by the patient.

Clean beauty

Chiara. is delivered to the patient in a glamorous box: a comfortable bag that does not need shopping bag, to try to reduce the impact on the environment.

Beauty treatment

Treatments based on carbamide peroxide (10%) are classified as cosmetic whitening treatments since they do not weaken the enamel, and therefore allow for home use.

Made in Italy

The Chiara. tray is made possible thanks to the expertise of Italian orthodontists and dental technicians from the AirNivol team and the collaboration with researchers from the best universities in Italy.


Chiara. has an AirNivol patented tank inside, which allows the gel not to escape in any way from the tray, avoiding discomfort or irritation to the gums.


The tray with the reservoirs allows for the insertion of the gel which not only avoids irritation, but also guarantees superior efficacy to the rest of the home whitening treatments, since it is placed selectively.


Each tray is produced in the laboratory, and finished and contoured by hand, to follow the edge of the gum and avoid unpleasant irritation. The plus of this kit is that it is made by specialized professionals in the orthodontic sector, who have almost twenty years of experience in the orthodontic sector with invisible aligners.

Chiara. is designed for people who have the desire to like themselves every day

Why choose it

A software application developed by AirNivol allows you to design the trays starting from the scans or digital reconstruction of the physical impressions of the patient’s mouth, provided by the doctor.

An intelligent and automatic algorithm precisely positions the reservoirs and generates the profile of the template, which adapts to the gum line with the function of containing the gel and preventing it from leaking.

The trays are therefore produced using high quality biocompatible transparent plastic materials, with stiffness and elasticity properties such as to ensure maximum comfort, wearability and gel hold.